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Today’s Music News: A first look at John Cusack as Brian Wilson

John Cusack as Brian Wilson in "Love & Mercy."

Love & Mercy, the new Brian Wilson biopic, is scheduled to be released on June 5. The first trailer—featuring actors Paul Dano and John Cusack as Wilson at two different points in his life—has now been released. Also in the cast is Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti, who plays Wilson’s infamous psychologist Eugene Landy. (Billboard)

Paul McCartney‘s childhood home in Liverpool is going up for auction; the auction will take place at famed Beatles venue the Cavern Club. Playing it safe, a representative from the auction house observes that the Beatles are “arguably one of the biggest bands of all time.” (Rolling Stone)

Empire, the Fox drama about a fictional hip-hop mogul, is one of this season’s bona-fide hits, with ratings continuing to soar as the show approaches its season climax. (Billboard) The music from the show has taken on a life of its own, and Fox is even considering taking the show on a concert tour. (Entertainment Weekly)

Gary Glitter, the glam rocker who was recently convicted of committing multiple sex crimes involving very young girls in the U.K. in the 1970s, has been jailed for 16 years.

Wait, Clueless is 20 years old already? Yep, and its soundtrack—including RadioheadCounting Crows, and of course Coolio—will be reissued on vinyl on April 7, with a special yellow-and-black plaid vinyl edition available at Urban Outfitters. (Rolling Stone)

The difference between rock and pop isn’t just about the time signature and guitar volume, says Billy Corgan: it’s about what you stand for. “Particularly in America there’s a very cosy relationship between rock stars and pop stars—and I don’t think that’s a good relationship. Everybody belongs on their own side of the street for a good reason. By definition a rock star is supposed to be an independent individual who pursues a vision to an end—an Axl Rose, an Elton John. And a pop star is supposed to do whatever they can do to pray at some horrible idol of fame which is ubiquitous and fleeting. And that contradiction to me is why everyone should stay on their own side of the street.” Wait…which side of the street is Elton John on, again? (NME)

The new Kanye West material is no College Dropout, says noted hip-hop authority Liam Gallagher. (NME) Maybe Gallagher will be happier about the new tunes West is working on with Will Smith, who’s hoping Kanye can help him break through his “creative ceiling.” (NME) Meanwhile, West publicly apologized to Beck and—because why not?—Bruno Mars.

The latest musician death hoax concerns Sugar Ray‘s Mark McGrath, who’s such a nice guy that he even apologized to his fans for a hoax that he had nothing to do with. (Billboard)

Here are 30 years of music sales in one GIF. (@altclassic)

British singer Alex Boye has remade Mark Ronson‘s “Uptown Funk” with a video featuring dancing senior citizens. (Billboard)

Rolling Stone compiled a list of the 20 dirtiest album covers of all time. Is Prince on it? Need you ask?