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331 Club’s ten-year history in 60 minutes

l-r: 331 Club co-founders Jon and Jarret Oulman with booker Jason Woolery. Below: the Roe Family Singers perform at the 331 Club. Photos by Nate Ryan/MPR.

The Current first came on air in January 2005, and just a few months later, the 331 Club opened its doors as a music venue and neighborhood bar in Northeast Minneapolis. On April 3, we paid tribute to the widely-beloved 331 with an hour-long special on our Local Current stream of Minnesota music.

I was joined by Jarret Oulman—co-founder and chief manager of the 331 Club—for a look back at the club’s history, and a look forward at what’s to come. We played several songs by artists who have been mainstays of the 331 Club stage, and we also played a song by each of the six artists who will perform at the 331 anniversary shows on April 3 and 4.

  1. Listen 331 Club 10th Anniversary Special

Listen in to be both entertained and informed as we cover ten years of Minneapolis music history in just 60 minutes. It’s the perfect preview to a weekend of great live music as the 331 Club celebrates its first of what will hopefully be many decades to come.

331 Club 03

331 Club 04

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