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Friday Five: Hippo Campus, Strange Names, and more new Minnesota music videos

Strange Names have a debut full-length out May 19 (Publicity photo)

Happy Friday! Here’s a handful of brand spanking new music videos to help your Friday afternoon fly by a little faster. Are you keeping up with these Hippo Campus guys??

Hippo Campus

With a Conan appearance under their belt and a just-announced appearance at Lollapalooza on the horizon, this St. Paul Conservatory for the Performing Arts-reared quartet are blowing up fast. They recorded this unplugged rendition of “Suicide Saturday” for Esquire when they were down at SXSW last week (click the image to pop up the video in a new tab). Is Jake Luppen wearing a Spooky Black shirt?


Pieta Brown and Mason Jennings

This is darling. Mason Jennings animated and directed this music video for Pieta Brown, who has a new album out now on St. Paul-based Red House Records. She’ll be in town to play the Cedar in support of Paradise Outlaw on Friday, April 10.

Strange Names

The Minneapolis duo Strange Names is now a New York City trio, and they’ve re-recorded their single “Ricochet” as a lead up to the release of their new LP, Use Your Time Wisely. The album is due out May 19 on Frenchkiss Records.

Tired Tongues

Tired Tongues is a new project from Taylor Nelson, who was one-half of the defunct electro-pop duo Wiping Out Thousands. Appropriately, his forthcoming EP is called Exes.

Harrie Bradshaw

And now for something completely different. Filmed at the Saloon, this new video from drag performer Harrie Bradshaw just made my afternoon. “Let’s go to the club and not talk to anyone.”

  • TwinCities11

    Why do the Current, Vita.mn, and City Pages insist on acknowledging bands and artists who have relocated elsewhere? They’ve decided Minneapolis – St. Paul isn’t good enough for them so why bother? If a band can’t make it in a city like Minneapolis, it’s very unlikely they are going to make it elsewhere, especially in this current day and age of social media and technology. It’s a bit disrespectful to all the local bands who are actually sticking around and trying to keep the scene relevant.

  • waxnfax

    Not necessarily true. Any good capitalist follows the market. The music industry is cutthroat, especially after the development of file sharing. Why does it matter where they’re living as long as the tunes are solid?

    • Zach Pasdoe

      “Why does it matter where they’re living as long as the tunes are solid?” It clearly matters. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t have the Local Current stream, a Local Current blog, the Top 10 Must-See Minnesota Music Videos This week, radio stations dedicating air time to local artists, etc… Music enthusiasts love talking up their local artists or bands or their scene.