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Lyn-Lake Street Festival is off for 2015

Photo by Andrea Swensson/MPR

City Pages is reporting that the Lyn-Lake Street Festival will not happen in 2015, after returning last year from a previous hiatus. According to a statement from the event’s bookers Joe Winterer and Matt Johnson, as published in City Pages,

“We regret to inform you that 2015 will not feature an installment of the Lyn-Lake Street Festival. Despite it’s recent return in 2014 (following a one year hiatus), we have just received word from the event’s coordinator, Mr. John Meegan, that due to a lack of available time and resources, we must put the event on hold for the second time since 2012.”

Winterer and Johnson say that there’s hope the event will return in 2016.

This past year has also seen the closure of Lyn-Lake rock club Cause Spirits and Soundbar, which—despite a fundraising attempt—has not been able to bounce back from being evicted in July.