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Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL bringing ‘Hit and Run’ tour to America…somewhere

Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL have announced that they’re heading out on tour across America…but the stops won’t be announced until days in advance. All we know so far is that the tour will begin in Louisville, Kentucky (the home town of 3RDEYEGIRL drummer Hannah Ford) next Saturday, March 14. We don’t even know where Prince will be playing in Louisville, but tickets for the show will go on sale Monday at 10:00 a.m.

A recent European trek by Prince and his crack band followed a similar strategy. As Chris Riemenschneider notes, though, the approach will be a little more complicated this time around since when Prince was in Europe, he was still on Twitter and Facebook and could announce the shows via social media. Now he’s quit social media, and will be without even his “Princetagram” (though the individual members of 3RDEYEGIRL are still on Twitter, and are well worth following).

For a sense as to how these shows might go, read Alex Christensen’s review of one of Prince’s semi-secret London shows last year.