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Taggart and Rosewood playing ‘The Killingest’ release show tonight at the Triple Rock

Taggart and Rosewood perform in The Current's studios. Photo by Nate Ryan/MPR.

At the Triple Rock Social Club tonight, Taggart and Rosewood—the mysterious new duo comprising GAYNGS alumni Ryan Olson (Poliça, Marijuana Deathsquads) and Zach Coulter (Solid Gold)—are leading a buzzworthy bunch of local artists curated by their label Totally Gross National Product.

The show is part of the Red Bull Sound Select series, which series spokesman Ernest Wilkins called, in an e-mail, “an ongoing program to support local music scenes and the people who push them forward,​ The goal is to spotlight local artists who contribute to the vibrant culture of the cities they live in.”

After joking that the series coordinators booked Taggart and Rosewood because they’re fans of Beverly Hills Cop (the inspiration for the duo’s name), Wilkins wrote that “these guys are the truth. They’ve got a ridiculous pedigree. The legacy of bands like GAYNGS, Poliça, Spoon and combined with a ridiculously potent live show, all smoothed down to 55 beats per minute? It’s a wholly unique, completely original experience.”

The Spoon mention refers to the fact that the band’s Jim Eno contributed drumming to Taggart and Rosewood’s debut album The Killingest, which tonight’s show also functions as a release party for.

Joining Taggart and Rosewood tonight at the Triple Rock are Perez + RP Hooks, Psymun, and Plain Ole Bill. Perez is a singer/producer who’s gained attention of late for his collaboration with Sophia Eris of GRRRL PRTY; and RP Hooks is an MC and producer who splits his time among Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York. Producer Psymun, among other projects, is a member of Rock the Garden performers thestand4rd. Plain Ole Bille, a DJ, who represents for the Get Cryphy crew.

“They’ve created a all-new set for this show,” writes Wilkins, “in addition to a live performance that has to be seen to be believed.”

For a taste of Taggart and Rosewood’s live show, check out the video, below, from their recent performance in The Current’s studio. For more details on tonight’s show, click here.