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Today’s Music News: Courtney Barnett previews her new album in hometown show

Courtney Barnett, set to release her much-anticipated new album Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit on March 24—and play Rock the Garden on June 20—previewed several songs from the album at a show in her home town of Melbourne, Australia. See video at Pitchfork.

The trailer for Montage of Heck, the first authorized Kurt Cobain documentary, has been released. Grab a tissue and watch it at Pitchfork. The full documentary will be screened on HBO on May 4.

The “Blurred Lines” trial is over, but the legal battle is just beginning: An attorney representing Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke said they’ll be appealing the verdict that they stole elements of Marvin Gaye‘s song “Got to Give it Up.” Meanwhile, Gaye’s family is seeking an injunction on further sale or distribution of “Blurred Lines” until they can reach an agreement regarding what future earnings will be paid to them. (Billboard)

Congressional hearings on proposed changes to copyright law began on Tuesday, with senators including Minnesota’s Al Franken hearing testimony from music industry professionals. Much of the testimony focused on the question of whether publishers should be allowed to forgo fixed rates of payment and negotiate directly with licensees—including streaming services—for varying rates. Songwriters are largely in favor of the change, since they think they’re underpaid in the current system; streaming services are largely against it, worrying that it will open the door for the industry’s big players to demand high rates that will ultimately (they argue) come at the expense of smaller artists who don’t have as much leverage. (Billboard)

When Ryan Adams‘s opener Natalie Prass had to miss the pair’s Copenhagen show due to a flight delay, Adams put on a dress and played Prass’s set for her. (Stereogum)

Performers at the now-infamous McDonald’s-sponsored SXSW showcase will be paid after all—though Ex Cops, the band who went public with their frustration after declining the invitation to play the showcase for only food and exposure, will still not be among them. (Billboard)

Azealia Banks has released a new interactive video for her song “Wallace,” allowing viewers to manipulate her face. (Pitchfork)

Zach Smith of Pinback has announced that he’s quitting the music business, saying it’s hard to be a responsible husband and father while also being a professional musician. (Stereogum)

Madonna hooked up with Tupac Shakur. Huh. (Billboard)

Mick Thomson, guitarist for Slipknot, was hospitalized along with his brother Andrew Thomson with injuries—including a stab wound to the back of the head—from a knife fight at Mick Thomson’s home in Clive, Iowa. (Billboard)

Jay-Z has reportedly had a bid accepted to pay $56.2 million for the Swedish streaming music company Aspiro. (Billboard)

You may have heard that shots were fired on Wednesday at Lil Wayne‘s house in Miami Beach. It turns out that was just a prank call made to Miami police. (Billboard)