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Friday Five: Gospel Machine, Sans Caballo, and more new Minnesota music videos

Gospel Machine, fronted by Jayanthi Kyle (center), prepares to release their debut album

Happy Friday! I’m about to run out the door to start making my playlist for the First Avenue 45th anniversary bash tonight, which I’ll be hosting and DJing along with Barb Abney from Go 96 and Zoe Peterson from Radio K. Before I go, though, I just had to share this batch of videos that were released this week—including an intriguing new band that should have their debut album ready very soon.

Gospel Machine

Liking this band feels effortless. I mean, of course it’s a good idea to combine Jayanthi Kyle of Black Audience’s incredible, soulful voice with the rhythms and riffs of ’60s garage pop. Gospel Machine is currently finishing up their debut album, Your Holy Ghost (check out their Kickstarter page here), and have a show booked tomorrow night at the Dakota Jazz Club with Southside Desire.

Sans Caballo

These guys continue to simultaneously impress and mystify me. Who are Sans Caballo, you ask? I still have no idea. My only hope is they continue to release more, more, more.


This beguiling electronic artist has already gotten some attention around town for his various collaborations (with ACTN and others) and remixes, and the time has come for him to step into the spotlight and release his own full-length records. KTP Alive By Machines will come out later this year on Blood of the Young, home of Marijuana Deathsquads and Tickle Torture.

Camp Dark

Camp Dark is a collaboration between singer Adam Svec and Graham O’Brien, and their new song “Family Curse” takes on a daunting a dark family tragedy. If you dig their vibe, you can stream their entire album here.

Perfume Monster

You may remember Perfume Monster from that “10 new Twin Cities bands to watch feature” I published last month. At the time, they didn’t have much music available for sampling online, but with a new album on the way they recently released a new video for “Castles Fall.”