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The Blind Shake, Carnage the Executioner, Botzy, Hobo Nephews: This week’s Minnesota record releases

The Blind Shake perform at the Are You Local? showcase at First Avenue in March. Photo by Nate Ryan/MPR.

The Blind Shake: Fly Right

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The three tracksuit-wearing members of the Blind Shake have quickly answered their recent Breakfast of Failures release with the new nine-track Fly Right LP. It’s a slower, more groove-oriented version of the band David Campbell’s called “the band saw of rock and roll.” “Tar Paper” has that fast-paced roar you know the Blind Shake for, but “Holy Road” and title track “Fly Right” burn more slowly, full of the deep angst your teenage self thrived upon—and your adult self can thrive on too. Fly Right dropped last week, but it’s still fresh.

Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank: American Shuffle

Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank offer twang, country, and a tinge of distortion, but after four albums, most of northern Minnesota probably knows this. The New Jersey transplant brothers teamed up with Trampled by Turtles violinist Ryan Young for their newest effort American Shuffle. The album is released today by way of Chaperone Records.

Botzy: Still Not Dead Yet

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He’s been busy with new videos, side projects like Pale Blue Dot with Dig Mode and the Once-ler, and launching the Polkadot Mayhem artist collective. Now Botzy is dropping his lengthy 21-track Still Not Dead Yet. There’s a lot of variety to be had here, from samples from Ornella Vanoni’s “L’appuntamento” (on “Over and Over”) to the brooding single “Ate Me.” Botzy’s inner monologue gets personal, but it has teeth throughout the album. Still Not Dead Yet drops today.

Carnage the Executioner: The Ultimatum

Hip-hop veteran Carnage the Executioner is back again for The Ultimatum EP. The beat-boxer and rapper is bringing his authentic boom-bap style, but keeping it modern as well. Carnage’s video performing “The Ultimatum” live is proof of the skill and ability that he possesses and shows the importance he places on the live performance. You can catch Carnage at the Brewhouse Studio Thursday, and the EP will be available this Friday.

Aaron Bolton is a senior at the University of Minnesota. Currently he is a co-host on Radio K’s Off The Record and is the music reporter at Radio K. He hopes to continue a career in music journalism.