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May 1, 2015

Minneapolis musician Esto pays homage to Michigan’s U.P. on new album

Influenced by spending a summer in the alluring Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Minneapolis singer-songwriter Esto is releasing an album based on his experiences. The album, Houghton-Hancock Hum-Alongs, is out today. When not going by the moniker “Esto,” Blake Morgan performs full time with the Twin-Cities-based, nationally renowned vocal ensemble Cantus. This nine-man group has performed […]

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Prince to release tribute to people of Baltimore

Billboard reports that this week at Paisley Park, Prince recorded a new song that’s a “tribute to all the people of the city of Baltimore.” Release plans have not yet been announced, but Prince has shared the song’s artwork—above. “It’s understood,” according to Billboard, “that the track will address Freddie Gray’s death in Baltimore police […]

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