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May 22, 2015

St. Paul man records song to celebrate Archbishop Romero

St. Paul business owner Rob Hahn first heard about El Salvador’s Archbishop Oscar Romero in a senior theology class at Notre Dame. It was in that class that he learned of the Archbishop’s campaigns to fix social problems and his subsequent assassination. The Archbishop’s story struck a chord with Hahn—literally—and shortly after, he composed a […]

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Remembering B.B. King

Weirdly, the news of B.B. King’s recent passing did not spark in me the immediate sadness or regret I might have expected. It wasn’t just because news reports suggested he had died on his own terms—at home, in hospice care—or because, at age 89, he had lived a life of fullness and success far beyond […]

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Today’s Music News: Now you can ride a Daft Punk skateboard

Daft Punk have released limited-edition blue-and-orange skateboards, available for just $280. (Pitchfork) That reported “gentlemen’s agreement” to reunite Oasis turns out to have been not so much of an agreement after all; according to Noel Gallagher in an interview with TMZ, a reunion simply isn’t in the cards. (Billboard) B.B. King‘s daughter Shirley King will host a free […]

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