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Bob Dylan will perform on penultimate Letterman show

Bob Dylan will appear on Tuesday night’s episode of The Late Show with David Letterman—Letterman’s second-to-last show before retiring.

The May 19 show will mark Dylan’s first Letterman appearance since 1993. As Jim Walsh notes in his comprehensive chronology of Minnesota musicians on Letterman, Dylan performed “Don’t Start Me Talkin'” on Letterman in 1983, followed by “Jokerman” in 1984, “Like a Rolling Stone” in 1992 for Letterman’s tenth anniversary special, and “Forever Young” in 1993. Dylan’s latest album is the Sinatra covers compilation Shadows in the Night, but on this momentous occasion, all cards are on the table and there’s no telling which one the Hibbing native will play.

Also appearing on Tuesday night’s show will be Bill Murray, who has a Minnesota connection as part-owner of the St. Paul Saints. Murray sang along with Dylan’s “Shelter from the Storm” in last year’s St. Vincent.