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Filmmaker to create 12 Rods documentary, seeks Kickstarter backing

12 Rods, the Minneapolis band who built a cult following from 1992-2004, recently reunited and are now to be the subject of a documentary film. Filmmaker James Francis Flynn is seeking Kickstarter backing for a proposed 12 Rods movie called Accidents Waiting to Happen.

In between their explosive entrance into the cultural milieu with their 1992 debut LP Bliss and their hiatus beginning in 2004, 12 Rods held a tumultuous tenure as what the Village Voice called “the American Radiohead.”

A young Pitchfork gave 12 Rods’ Gay? EP and sophomore album Split Personalities 10.0 and 9.7 reviews, respectively, propelling them into the mainstream. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon called 12 Rods’ last two albums, Separation Anxieties and Lost Time, “list-toppers” in his vast library of CDs. Vernon’s label Chigliak re-released Lost Time earlier this year, and the band’s reunion concert in January at First Ave attracted a full house.

Flynn recently released a trailer on Kickstarter, calling on fans to donate to the project. Flynn’s brother, Matt Flynn, is a founding member of the band, and James hopes to bring 12 Rods’ music to a wider audience with the documentary. With two days to go, the project has raised $9,825 toward a goal of $15,000.

Robb Larson is a student at the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities.