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Friday Five: Aero Flynn, a new series of #LAAB, and more Minnesota music videos

It’s supposed to get up into the 80s tomorrow in the Twin Cities, so what better way to celebrate our first hot day of the season than by watching a video of someone snowmobiling across a frozen tundra?

Aero Flynn

This video is SO WISCONSIN. Or at least what other people must think it’s like to live in a place like Wisconsin. In the new video for “Dk/Pi” from Aero Flynn, a snowmobile-driving mama is taking matters into her own hands, zipping across the frozen lake at sunset and drilling a hole into the ice to hide… something. What’s in that film canister?

A.M. Stryker

In this ambitious new video, the singer-songwriter A.M. Stryker takes us across 10 different states and 5,700 miles in a mere three minutes. He’ll be releasing his new album, The Lion’s Share, this Saturday at Icehouse.


The hip-hop and R&B duo LNJAY are back with another video, “World Keeps Going Round,” which features honest, courageous lyrics about the realities they face as young women in Minneapolis. Cousins Latasia and Jasharee are part of what they call “a new girl power movement.” That’s a message I can definitely get behind.

Niki Becker

With a new album, Reactor, out next month, Niki Becker just released an electrified new single called “Running” that she says is about, “looking into oneself through the eyes of another and trying to find the light.” See Niki at the Eagle’s Club on June 13 when she celebrates the release of her new album with Catbath and Strange Relations.


Filmmaker Adam J. Dunn is back with the ninth (!) season of his Lights and a Backdrop series, which has to be one of the deepest diving, best-produced local music showcases this town has going right now. Here are some of my favorites. (And it was hard to narrow it down to only five!) Find the whole 30-video season here.