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Friday Five: Miley Cyrus, Joan Jett, and Laura Jane Grace cover the Replacements’ ‘Androgynous’

You guys, today’s Friday Five is so good. I seriously didn’t think this much awesomeness could fit in five little videos. This is why May is typically one of my favorite months out of the whole musical year: Everyone’s playing shows like crazy, releasing new work, and getting ready to tear through a full summer of outdoor block parties and festivals. Let’s get it!

Miley, Joan, and Laura Jane cover “Androgynous”

We already knew that Laura Jane Grace of against me and rock ‘n’ roll goddess Joan Jett were fans of the Replacements tune “Androgynous.” For their latest rendition, they invited Miley Cyrus to the party to perform the song in someone’s backyard with a bunch of jangly acoustic guitars and feel-good vibes. And it’s excellent.

Kitten Forever get an overdue spotlight

It’s hard to believe that these ladies have already been going strong for EIGHT YEARS. Here’s hoping for another solid eight, minimum. And if you’re unfamiliar with Kitten Forever, this Lowertown Line mini-documentary from TPT is the most thorough, thoughtful, and personal feature that’s ever been done on this three-piece.

Duluth Homegrown 2015

If you missed the Duluth Homegrown festival this year, photographer Kip Praslowicz has created this incredible recap video, which roars through all eight days of music in under six minutes. (That music is by Duluth heavy metal quartet Wolf Blood, by the way, and they are just as ferocious live as they sound on this track.)

Valet are back!

This is such good news: Valet have officially ended their hiatus and just put out their first new music in a decade. “Start it Somewhere” is the first track off a new six-song EP called The Truth Might Not Be Here, and frontman Robin Kyle estimates that the rest of the new material should be out by the end of July.

Gospel Machine take over the St. Paul skyway

These guys are playing the Dakota on Saturday night, and it’s only 10 bucks! And then they’re playing Art-A-Whirl the weekend after that (6 p.m. Saturday at Anchor Fish & Chips)! And if you still haven’t checked ’em out by the end of May, I don’t know what yr doing with yourself! As Jayanthi Kyle demands in this skyway performance recorded for TPT Rewire, “Don’t ignore me.”