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Sisqó lives in Maple Grove: ‘No thongs out here!’

Northwest Community Television has brought to light a little-known local music fact: Sisqó, the Dru Hill singer whose 1999 “Thong Song” hit number three on the U.S. pop charts, currently lives in Maple Grove.

“No thongs out here!” laughs the Baltimore native in a televised interview—which doesn’t quite seem right, but there are certainly no undergarments in sight on the quiet suburban streets captured by the Channel 12 camera crew.

The reason for Sisqó’s move, it turns out, is that his girlfriend Elizabeth Pham—with whom the 36-year-old R&B star has two young children—has family here. The couple say they plan to live here for at least a couple of years, since their kids are “flourishing” in the “beautiful community” of Maple Grove—where, as reporter Delane Cleveland notes, Prince now has an open invitation.

Sisqó continues to tour internationally (“it’s good to have hits”), and will be making a special appearance at Dream Ultra Lounge in Minneapolis on May 30, reports Channel 12.

  • Paul Vang

    I guess my dream of doing a duet with him on “incomplete” is not so far fetched after all. Only if…..

  • Kelly Fisher

    I would have expected him to pick Minnethongka.

  • LeloHK

    Won’t be long now…

  • RenoGruber

    Well the western suburbs HAVE been good to another diminutive singer/songwriter.

  • Victoria Clark

    It’s sad that he has now been discovered as living a quite normal life in MN where he and has family have enjoyed the anonymity that comes with being out of the spot light. I hope as Minnesotans people will let he and his family just live peaceful! MN nice that’s what we are known for :)