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Today’s Music News: Jenny Lewis spoofs child-actor days in ‘She’s Not Me’ video

A new video for Jenny Lewis‘s song “She’s Not Me” spoofs Lewis’s roles as a child actor—including appearances in The Golden GirlsTroop Beverly Hills, The Wizard. Among Lewis’s celebrity co-stars in the video are FeistFred Armisen, and Zosia Mamet. (Billboard)

Dennis SheehanU2‘s tour manager for over 30 years, has died at age 68. Sheehan also worked with artists including Led ZeppelinPatti SmithLou Reed, and Iggy Pop. (Rolling Stone) Sheehan was on tour with U2 in Los Angeles, and the band plans to carry on with their tour “in his memory. It is absolutely what he would have wanted.” (Billboard)

Chevelle, a metal band, have issued a statement saying that they are “deeply saddened” by the accidental death of their fan Kyle Kirchhoff at a Chicago show on Friday night. Kirchhoff fell several feet from a plastered area near a backstage catwalk. (Billboard)

Now that the global album release date is being moved from Tuesday to Friday, the organizers of Record Store Day are claiming Tuesday as “Vinyl Tuesday.” Each week, it’s planned, special vinyl releases will be issued through independent record stores. (Consequence of Sound)

Run the Jewels announced a fall U.S. tour that will stop at First Avenue in Minneapolis on Oct. 23. (Pitchfork)


Christopher Owens, formerly the frontman of Girls, has released a surprise third solo album called Chrissybaby Forever. The 16-song release comes just eight months after Owens’s previous album. (Consequence of Sound)

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Lots of legal action in the music world today:

• 26 music publishing companies have sued Wolfgang’s Vault, an online marketplace that includes many live concert recordings. The companies argue that Wolfgang’s Vault does not have the rights to sell those live recordings. Also named in the suit is Daytrotter, the site that hosts the “Daytrotter Sessions” recordings made at the Horseshack studio in Rock Island, Ill. and sells unlimited, ad-free listening for a subscription fee. That site is now majority-owned by Wolfgang’s Vault. (Billboard)

• A lawsuit against SiriusXM that was originally filed by Flo & Eddie and the Turtles is now a class-action lawsuit. The suit, which could have important ramifications in the world of online streaming, alleges that SiriusXM played pre-1972 recordings for years without permission from the recordings’ owners and that it now owes a potentially massive bill for license fees and damages. 1972 is an important year because it was the year when U.S. copyright was extended to recorded sound; there remains some ambiguity about exactly what the legal obligations of various licensees are regarding pre-1972 recordings.

• The American Federation of Musicians is suing Hollywood’s biggest film and TV studios for recycling film scores without permission. Typically, musicians’ agreements with studios preclude film or TV music from being used to score anything other than the picture for which the music was originally recorded unless very particular conditions are met; the plaintiffs are arguing that the studios violated those conditions.

Leslie Litt, casting director for the sitcom Friends, has revealed that back in 1998, she tried to hire Paul McCartney for the role of Ross Geller’s British father-in-law for the season four finale. McCartney entertained the offer, but personally declined. (NME)