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87 awesome action shots from Rock the Garden Day 1: Belle and Sebastian, Conor Oberst, Courtney Barnett, Lucius, and thestand4rd

Photos by Nate Ryan and Teddy Wolff

To make sure he could capture all the action at this year’s Rock the Garden, the Current’s staff photographer Nate Ryan brought along another excellent shooter, Teddy Wolff, to photograph the event from every angle. Together, they created this vivid, detailed, and electric photo essay from Saturday’s Rock the Garden, which featured thestand4rd, Lucius, Courtney Barnett, Conor Oberst, and Belle and Sebastian.

Earlier in the day, Lucius took a special tour through the Walker to see the painting that they used for their Wildewomen cover art—a 1964 painting by the Belgian pop artist Evelynne Axel called Ice Cream—and several of the artists dropped by the Current’s broadcast booth and even hung out with fans in the Green Room playing yard games.

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