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Peter Wolf Crier debut video for ‘Don’t Leave’

Short and sweet, clocking in at just two minutes and 40 seconds, Peter Wolf Crier’s single “Don’t Leave” rings out like a clarion call to fans of the band: Come back. They are back. And they have recaptured the sound and spirit that made us fall in love with them in the first place.

The song will appear on Peter Wolf Crier’s third album, the radiant and melodic return-to-form Plum Slump, and to get people excited about the album’s release the band sent over a new video for “Don’t Leave.” In the continuously shot scene, frontman Peter Pisano dribbles a basketball down an empty Toronto city street, an invisible forcing pushing him back further and further as drummer Brian Moen’s train shuffle propels the song ahead.

Watch the new video below, and get ready for Plum Slump‘s release on August 25.