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Sophia Eris on being Local Current’s June DJ in Residence

Sophis Eris in The Current's studios. Photo by Nate Ryan/MPR.

I was asked by The Current to be their Local Current “DJ In Residence” on their Minnesota music stream for the month of June. This entailed getting to curate my own segment on Local Current from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. every Friday. Little did they know that being on the air had always been a dream of mine going way back to third grade (I was a DJ for Halloween at the age of 9). I was so excited to jump into this opportunity, hoping to show off the skills I have been bubbling up inside for so long.

My segments had to be curated with local music only, so with that being said, I decided to conduct my first show as a timeline of how I was officially introduced to the Minneapolis music scene. Being as I’m a transplant from Ohio, I was excited to give folks a glimpse as to how one can be sucked into this atmosphere so quickly (no pun intended). It also gave me a chance to introduce myself to the listeners and provide a unique way to let them get to know how I’ve evolved into the artist I am today with the local influences around me.

The second week of the month, I decided to do an entire R&B segment. This by far was my favorite because it allowed me to dive into the depths of music from the Twin Cities that I have yet to discover. I am a true R&B baby at heart, so I thoroughly did my research to make sure I was doing justice to my sacrament. Mint Condition, Sounds of Blackness, Sue Ann Carwell, Andre Cymone, Alexander O’Neal, are just a few examples of what I got to dig up. It was a blast.

After that week I decided to do a “summertime madness” segment full of songs to sip Kool-Aid to, lakeside with your homies. Spyder Baybie, Lizzo, Tickle Torture, Sarah White, and Greg Grease are just a few that I decided to throw in the mix. I also got to share some of my favorite memories of summer with the folks I got to play on the segment as well. Like the sun, the mix gave me life.

And finally, I decided to dedicate today’s segement to BLACK LIVES MATTER. Every top of the hour I will scream BLACK LIVES MATTER and share some knowledge on current situations of injustice happening in America today. I will acknowledge those who have lost their lives within this turmoil, and also those who are fighting phenomenally to try to get us out of it. I wanted to use this platform to not only live a glimpse of one of my dreams, but to also remind those that are listening of issues that truly matter within our society.

I want to thank The Current so much for granting me this amazing and beneficial experience. I learned a lot and had a blast while doing it. I appreciate your support to the core! Until next time.

Sophia Eris is a local musician who has performed solo and as a member of GRRRL PRTY, as well as in collaboration with artists including Lizzo and Perez.