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Today’s Music News: Donate $10K to a theater project and DIIV will reenact your dreams

via DIIV on Facebook

DIIV are participating in, and helping to raise money for, a Brooklyn immersive theater project called Houseworld. Kickstarter backers who contribute $10,000 to the coming season can each describe a dream that will be re-enacted for them by the members of DIIV. (Pitchfork)

Alanna McArdle, lead singer of Joanna Gruesome, is leaving the band to seek recovery from mental health problems. For the band’s upcoming tour, McArdle’s vocal duties will be handled by Kate Stonestreet (Pennycress) and Roxy Brennan (Two White Cranes). (Stereogum)

Apple is reportedly hiring Drake to be a DJ on iTunes Radio, for a cool $19 million. (Stereogum)

Costume designer Julie Harris has died at age 94. Harris, who worked on films ranging from Live and Let Die to Rollerball, costumed the Beatles for A Hard Day’s Night and Help! (Rolling Stone)

Today’s rock and roll lesson learned, courtesy of Enrique Iglesias: don’t try to grab a flying drone, especially while you’re trying to play a rock show and confetti cannons are firing everywhere. When Iglesias tried to grab a camera drone to show the audience his point of view, his fingers were sliced badly enough that he was later rushed to the airport to get medical attention from a specialist. Iglesias kept performing for a half-hour as his hand bled, drawing a heart on his shirt with the bloody extremity. (Billboard)

Spotify has released data suggesting that measured by repeat plays, heavy metal fans are more loyal to core artists of their genre—including MetallicaSlayer, and Judas Priest—than fans of any other genre are to their top artists. (NME)

Earl Sweatshirt has tweeted comments seeming to confirm “the obvious” fact recently shared by Tyler the Creator: that the controversial hip-hop collective Odd Future have broken up. (Pitchfork)

“Australia discovers Courtney Barnett,” reads a tongue-in-cheek Stereogum headline pointing out that the singer-songwriter, an indie-rock fan favorite throughout the world, is starting to receive mainstream media attention in her home country. She’ll be in Minneapolis to play Rock the Garden next month.