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Today’s Music News: Man covers the Beatles during brain surgery

The Beatles‘ “Yesterday” is one of the most-covered songs of all time, and now there’s a new version—performed during brain surgery. Anthony Kulkamp Dias, of Brazil, has gone viral on YouTube with a video of his plaintive performance while having a tumor removed from his brain. (CBS News)

Jack White and Loretta Lynn were inducted into the Nashville Walk of Fame, the first two musicians to given plaques on the Walk since recent renovations to the site. (Consequence of Sound)

When a technical glitch forced U2 to pause during a Los Angeles show on Wednesday night, Bono killed time by bringing an Elvis Presley impersonator up from the audience onto the stage. “Dude, I have everything by you,” said Bono. “Love your early work.” (Rolling Stone)

Nine-year-old DJ John Anthony played the main stage last month at Tampa’s Sunset Music Festival. (Billboard) Check out the recently-released news footage:

Dr. Dre and Ice Cube have been named co-defendants in a wrongful death lawsuit against Suge Knight, who allegedly fatally struck a man with his pickup truck after a promotional shoot for the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton. The lawsuit, filed by the man’s widow, alleges negligence associated with the filming of the movie on location in the city near Los Angeles. (Rolling Stone)

Billboard reports that Florence and the Machine are on track to land their first number-one album with the new How Big How Blue How Beautiful. (Rolling Stone) Read Jade’s review of the “beautifully crafted, emotional album.”

Next month’s “final” concerts by the Grateful Dead will be broadcast on SiriusXM’s Grateful Dead channel. (Billboard)

As SoundCloud pursues its growth plans, it’s made a licensing deal with an agency representing over 20,000 independent labels. Last year SoundCloud began to pay royalties, and it hopes to become a full-fledged competitor to streaming services like Spotify and Tidal. (Pitchfork)

A Motown legend has emerged on Twitter: you can now follow @DianaRoss. (Billboard)

St. Vincent is considering a new hairstyle. “I’m just going to go into the salon and say I want the Nick Cave minus the receding hairline,” she tells the New York Times.

After the Internet amused itself for a couple of days with speculation regarding why Ellie Goulding deleted an Instagram photo of herself with Katy Perry and a goofy-posing Lorde—some of which involved conspiracy theories imagining that Taylor Swift, a Goulding/Lorde friend who’s feuding with Perry, texted Goulding and told her to delete the pic—Goulding has solved the mystery. “I just looked terrible in it,” she told reporters. (Billboard)