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Friday Five: New videos from Sarah White, Tickle Torture, BdotCroc and more

Sarah White: “Create Found”

Sarah White and a group of dancers float against a white background in a video that, like her song “Create Found,” seems to suspend time. (Jay Gabler)

Tickle Torture: Paint It Gold

A new short documentary goes behind the scenes of one the most eye-popping stage shows to be found in Minnesota—or anywhere. Along the way, Elliot Kozel tells the story of how he came to Minnesota and became Tickle Torture. (Heads up: there’s some adult language here, as well as some bodies that fall distinctly on the “semi” side of “semi-clad.”) (Jay Gabler)

BdotCroc: “Headshots”

North Minneapolis rapper BdotCroc went on the nationally syndicated hip-hop show Sway in the Morning to participate in an interview, preview new song “Headshots,” and even do a little freestyling. (Heads up: language.) (Jay Gabler)

Brian Casey the Destroyer: “Shooting the Moon”

Loving the Scott Pilgrim vibe of this new one from Brian Casey the Destroyer, who was formerly one-half of the due Glorious Monster. His new solo release, Ambiguous Keys, is due out Sept. 18. (Andrea Swensson)

Célosia: “Popo Creepin'”

There aren’t any 5-0s to be seen in this new video by Minneapolis-via-Paris band Célosia, but there are plenty of sweet streetscapes and trippy effects. (Jay Gabler)