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Today’s Music News: Joan Jett, Cherie Currie comment on Runaways assault allegations

The Runaways in 1977

Joan Jett and Cherie Currie have responded to their Runaways bandmate Jackie Fuchs‘s statement that she was raped, at a 1975-6 New Year’s party, by the band’s manager Kim Fowley while Jett, Currie, and several others were in the room. The Huffington Post article in which Fuchs’s story appeared states that “Currie claims that she spoke up and stormed out of the room,” while Fuchs and songwriter Kari Krome said Currie and Jett were aware of the assault and failed to protest. Currie’s statement on Facebook claims that she was not aware a rape was happening. Jett’s statement says she “was not aware of this incident,” but wishes Fuchs “peace and healing.”

Songwriter Michael Masser has died at age 74. Masser is best-known for the songs he wrote for Diana Ross and Whitney Houston, including Houston’s breakout smash “The Greatest Love of All.” (Billboard)

The Rivers Cuomo TV series based on Cuomo’s real-life experience going back to finish college after becoming a rock star isn’t happening. A pilot episode was made, but Fox decided not to move forward with the series. “It’s weird,” says the frustrated Weezer frontman. “In music if you make an album and your label decides not to put it out, you can bring it to another label and sometimes it can be a big success. At least it gets out. In TV, I’ve learned, it’s not like that. The pilot was made, completely finished, and we can’t show it to anybody! No one will ever see it. It’s a huge waste of money.” (Pitchfork)

U2 have released a moving video for their “Song for Someone,” starring Woody Harrelson and his real-life daughter Zoe. (Billboard)

John Fogerty is taking his former Creedence Clearwater Revival bandmates to court…again. Fogerty and his former bandmates agreed in 2001 that bassist Stu Cook and drummer Doug Clifford could tour under the name “Creedence Clearwater Revisited,” and Fogerty now says that they haven’t paid his agreed share of touring and merch revenue. (Rolling Stone)

On Monday, M.I.A. is releasing a short film and two songs from her forthcoming album exclusively via Apple Music. (Pitchfork)

Paul McCartney has warned British Prime Minister David Cameron against loosening the country’s ban on fox hunting by allowing dogs to flush a fox out of hiding, even if they aren’t allowed to kill the dog. “It is cruel and unnecessary and will lose them support from ordinary people and animal lovers like myself,” says the former Beatle. (Billboard)

If you’re the size of Ringo Starr and you’re looking for a new winter coat with a notable musical heritage, you can mark your calendar for July 16, when Ringo’s woolen jacket from the movie Help! will be put up for auction. (Billboard)

“Things can’t possibly get any worse” than Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran, says Morrissey, complaining about “marketed pop stars” and what he sees as the undue influence of marketing in the music industry today. (Rolling Stone)

Another one bites the dust: on Thursday night in San Diego, Harry Styles of One Direction became the latest music star to take a spill onstage. (Billboard)