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Today’s Music News: Musicians around the world lash out at Minnesota dentist

Cecil, a lion well-known to tourists in Zimbabwe, was killed on Antoinette farm in Gwayi Conservancy, Hwange district on July 1, 2015. (Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority)

You don’t often find CherAriana GrandeMC HammerRicky Martin, and Stryker all expressing similar views, but one man has united them: Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, who’s sparked cries of outrage from musicians among many others for his killing of an African lion named Cecil. (Billboard)

Composer Van Alexander has died at age 100. He worked with musicians including Billie Holiday and Benny Goodman, and was best-known for setting the nursery rhyme “A-Tisket, A-Tasket” to the tune that made it a hit for Ella Fitzgerald. (New York Times)

Billy Corgan has expressed frustration at the world’s amusement over a photo of him riding a rollercoaster at Disneyland. “What the &#@! do you want from me?” he asked rhetorically. (NME)

Chan Marshall, a.k.a. Cat Power, will narrate Janis, a new documentary about Janis Joplin. The documentary, made with the cooperation of Joplin’s family, will premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September. (Pitchfork)

Neil Young has made good on his promise to pull his catalog from streaming services. All of Young’s albums, with the exception of his six Geffen releases from the 1980s and the Dead Man soundtrack, have now been removed from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. In a Facebook post two weeks ago, Young complained about the sound quality on streaming services. (Rolling Stone)

The Rolling Stones have wrapped up their ZIP Code Tour, having sold 628,733 tickets at 14 concerts—including a jam-packed audience at TCF Bank Stadium last month. The tour grossed $110 million, making a total of $401 million for the Stones’ last three tours combined. (Billboard)

Madonna has released two teaser videos for the Rebel Heart Tour she’ll be bringing to venues across the country—including the Xcel Energy Center, on Oct. 8. It looks like it’s going to be quite the production, complete with pole-dancing nuns. (Billboard)

Janis Ian says that Bill Cosby deemed her unsuitable for family entertainment when she was just 16 years old. According to Ian, Cosby said she “was probably a lesbian, and shouldn’t be on television.” (Billboard)

Ice Cube says that Dr. Dre is planning to release a new album inspired by the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton. (Pitchfork)

The Pogues have debuted their own brand of Irish whiskey. A representative from the distillery making the whiskey, which is now available in the U.K. at £30 a bottle (about $47), says the aim was to create “an Irish whiskey with global appeal.” (NME)

Meghan Trainor has been turned into a Peanut. The pop star shared an image of herself in the form of one of St. Paul cartoonist Charles M. Schulz‘s comic characters as she announced that she’ll have a track in the new Peanuts Movie. The film will be released on Nov. 6. (Billboard)