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August 10, 2015

Today’s Music News: Björk ends “Vulnicura” tour, is writing new music

Björk says she’s ready to move on from promoting her critically-acclaimed, emotionally taxing breakup album Vulnicura. After canceling a series of European tour dates, the Icelandic singer-songwriter took to Facebook to tell her fans that the “intense” performances supporting Vulnicura have ended “for reasons beyond my control.” She says she’s now writing new music, and says she feels “the […]

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Flashy cash: David Bowie appears on ten-pound notes in Brixton

Bowie on a ten-pound note? That’s the case in the Brixton district of London, where cash has recently become crafty. As the New York Times reports, custom currencies are springing up in several areas around the world, including England, Amsterdam, and the northeastern United States. The idea behind these new notes is to keep the cash […]

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