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Friday Five: New videos from Strange Relations, Bain, LOUD SUN and more

Happy Friday! Get outside! Seriously, go outside right now. And then come back and watch these videos, which are some of the latest and greatest to emerge from the local scene. Well, maybe not the latest, with these last two throwback videos, but I couldn’t resist…

Strange Relations

My eardrums and the Strange Relations record -Centrism are basically BFFs at this point.


Don’t let this Bain record slip past you—especially if you dig down-tempo, cool Sade-invoking jams. Check it out here: Love in Blue.


It’s been a spell since we’ve heard from Andrew Jansen, the boundary-pushing artist behind freak-folk and psych-influenced projects like A Paper Cup Band, Dial-Up, and Crimes. He’s back at it with the chilled-out LOUD SUN, and shipped over this new video for the song “Gold Again.”

The Minneapolis Sound?

Oh, the things you can find while scouring YouTube for Minneapolis-related music videos. In this KTCA documentary from 1988, reporters visit First Avenue and chat with Hüsker Dü, Robert Christgau (!), the Jets, the Wallets, and others to try to answer the question: What is the Minneapolis Sound?

Vanity 6

What’s that? You want to travel even further back in time? Ok, fine, here’s a random video I found of Vanity 6 performing at First Avenue for the 1982 Minnesota Music Awards.