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Friday Five: The Minnesota Next edition

Back in February, I wrote an article called “10 Twin Cities Bands to Watch,” a roundup of brand-new acts I liked. Somehow, over the course of the past six months, all of those bands found each other and decided to put together a two-day showcase. They asked me to host the whole thing, and I figured it’d be kind of awkward if I’d said no! I am in awe of this town’s collaborative energy and the fact that this all happened. Please join me at the Cedar Cultural Center tomorrow night and Sunday for Minnesota Next, a showcase of eclectic, awesome up-and-coming talent—and to get in the spirit, here are videos from five of the eight acts performing this weekend.

Hustle Rose (performing Saturday)

How much fun is this band? I dare you to stand still. Listen to their entire new album on Bandcamp.

Bae Tigre (performing Saturday)

I’ve pretty much been obsessed with producer, songwriter, and singer Bae Tigre ever since I heard her first single (below). Her entire debut album is fantastic, and I can’t wait to hear her voice ring out over the Cedar’s immaculate sound system.

B.O.Y.F. (performing Saturday)

Before Others, Yourself Forever! One of the quirkiest, most intriguing experimental pop acts in town. Hear more from B.O.Y.F. on their Bandcamp page.

Danami (performing Sunday)

Rapper-on-the-rise Danami released his latest EP, Before the Wait, in March. Find more info and sample it on his website.

Perfume Monster (performing Sunday)

I’m really curious to hear how this act is going to translate live—and to find out more about the man behind Perfume Monster, who has been somewhat of a mystery to me so far. Sample more of his music here.