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Friday Five: We Are the Willows, P.O.S’s new Adidas ad, and more new Minnesota music videos

We Are the Willows play the Homestead Records anniversary show at the Turf Club on Saturday

Happy Friday! It’s shaping up to be one of the busiest weekends of the summer for local music, with First Avenue’s Mainroom reopening tonight for GRRRL PRTY, the Totally Gross National Party taking over Icehouse tomorrow, musicians playing stages throughout the State Fair, and about a dozen other artists cramming awesome indoor and outdoor events onto the concert calendar before the summer is through. Check the calendar for our recommendations, and read on for the latest videos to emerge from the bustling scene.

We Are the Willows visit Indeed

In honor of its one-year anniversary, Homestead Records just released a couple of videos featuring their artists, including this one of We Are the Willows playing amid the vats at Indeed Brewing Company. The band will perform at the Homestead Records anniversary show at the Turf Club this Saturday along with the Awful Truth, Lott, and A.M. Stryker.

PHO funk up the Triple Rock

I can’t get enough of all this horn-driven music that’s sweeping the Cities right now. Side note: I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen people dancing at the Triple Rock.

P.O.S shills for Adidas

Placing his music in a commercial isn’t something that P.O.S takes lightly, and it was a move that certainly took his fans by surprise. What does it mean when an artist who proclaims “F*** your stuff!” can be heard rapping in a sneaker ad? “That’s rent, that’s bills,” P.O.S explained on Reddit. “That’s more time in life as an artist without stressing about trying to find a new way to make people wanna throw 99¢ at my studio time. Anarchist values taken in full consideration, we live in money world and eating is needed almost every day.”

The song in the commercial, “Stand Up,” is from P.O.S’s 2006 album Audition and features production work by his Doomtree crewmate Lazerbeak.

Georgia Peach on being “a mailman”

How badass is this? Georgia Peach, punk rocker extraordinaire from bands like the Short Fuses, the Pinsch, and Beebe Gallini, spends her days shlepping letters and postcards around her neighborhood. “So here’s how I became a mailman,” she says, laughing in this Artist Day Jobs video from MN Original. Watch more day job videos—including a look at Dan Israel’s daytime gig as a government man and DJ Last Word’s double life as a pilot—over on MN Original’s site.

Brian Bethke pays tribute to Minneapolis

Osseo, Wisconsin singer-songwriter Brian Bethke has a new album out this month, and it includes a nice little ditty about the metropolis across the border, “Minneapolis.”