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September 22, 2015

Today’s Music News: Father John Misty says Lou Reed told him to delete his Taylor Swift covers

After Ryan Adams released his song-for-song cover of Taylor Swift‘s album 1989 on Monday, Father John Misty followed suit by releasing covers of Swift’s “Blank Space” and “Welcome to New York,” performed in the style of the Velvet Underground. The songs soon, however, disappeared from Father John Misty’s Soundcloud. Some speculated that Swift was responsible, but her camp denies that; […]

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Irie Sol, Persian Leaps, Theo Brown, John Louis: This week’s Minnesota record releases

Irie Sol: Dred Scott Fitzgerald F. Scott Fitzgerald’s character Bernice (“Bernice Bobs Her Hair”) is getting some life blown into her by self-declared “lit-hop” band Irie Sol. Their new Dred Scott Fitzgerald release pays homage to the character, who hails from Eau Claire. Appropriately, the band went to Justin Vernon’s April Base studios in Eau Claire […]

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