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September 28, 2015

Today’s Music News: Pope Francis announces prog-rock album, ‘Wake Up!’

Fresh off his recent visit to the U.S., Pope Francis has announced that he’ll release a rock album. Wake Up!, which will be released on Nov. 27, “features the Pontiff delivering sacred hymns and excerpts of his most moving speeches in multiple languages paired with uplifting musical accompaniment ranging from pop-rock to Gregorian chant,” explains Rolling Stone. As Billboard […]

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Brian Laidlaw and friends to join up for a night of poetry and music at the Southern Theater

Tomorrow night Milkweed Editions and the Southern Theater will host a gathering of authors, musicians, and author-musicians to discuss and perform their work. The event serves as a book launch for Brian Laidlaw‘s first full-length poetry collection, The Stuntman. The evening’s focus is on the relationships among poetry, music, and communities. In addition to Laidlaw, the evening will include performances by Allison LaBonne […]

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