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Gabriel Douglas on being Local Current’s September DJ in Residence

Gabriel Douglas. Photo by Nate Ryan/MPR.

Music is >
That’s it. Greater than all the other things I’ve found in the world.

Except heartbeats. Heartbeats are the trump card.
Then there is music.

When I was asked to join the ranks for the residency, my biggest question was WHEN.
WHEN can I share all these songs that I adore with the Local Current audience?
The next question was HOW LONG? I can tend to trail on and on when it comes to talking about—or moreso when it comes to listening to—music.
The jukebox in my head doesn’t really ever stop.

Many people these days know me know as a musician. A person who creates music.
I’ve been on every side of the music industry: pushing cases, making merch, booking venues, running sound, directing lights, making promotional pushes, and so many other hats.
I feel incredibly lucky when every year during tax time I write “musician” in the occupation box.
To be able to share what other folks have put into the world is an absolute joy.
I’ve always been a music enthusiast. I’ve always adored sharing music with other people.
Hell, I get some of my biggest kicks out of joining people with their new favorite bands.
Since the days of boombox mixtapes, I’d be ready for my buddy Trav to pick me up at my house and listen to the newest jams we had both found.
Sharing music is a passion for me that is hard to dwarf.
It is hard to contain.
My most thoughtful and constructive moments usually rotate around curating playlists.
I am so thankful to The Current for asking me to be a part of this project.

The Current has been around for just slightly longer than I have been in Minneapolis.
We’ve grown with each other.
For them to give me a little time on the Local Current stream is a dream!
I got to spin some of my favorite tracks (there wasn’t enough time, even in 24 hours, to dole out ALL my local favorites).
It also let me listen to a lot of stuff that I had on my radar, but hadn’t fully dived into yet.
Y’know, the old, “I know OF them, but I haven’t HEARD them” vibe.

In the month I was at the helm, we’ve seen some great releases by John Mark Nelson and Matt Latterell, two guys bringing brilliant songs to the table continually.
I got to dive into the new L’Assassins.
I really took a liking to the songs Bad Bad Hats, Hippo Campus, and Bruise Violet are throwing down.
The DJ in Residency gig was the best reason to really surround myself with and consume all the great NEW music that is being made RIGHT HERE IN OUR FAIR CITIES.
It was truly fun to see how vast The Current’s local collection is. (AND how much they are still missing. A music collection is never finished.)
So many songs I thought were obscure or out-of-print were right there waiting for me, to digitally dust off and give them a spin.

Sometimes being on the road, the “Check These Out” playlist gets so long, and it was such a pleasure to start checking all these fantastic sounds off the list as “listened to.”
I get to take them out of the “Heard Of” section, and I get to put them in the “OH YES, I HAVE HEARD THEM. AND I ADORE THEM!” category.
The residency provided me the opportunity to not only play my FAVORITES, but also sift through all the new music that I might have otherwise overlooked.

It lit a fire under the backburner of “Check These Out” so much, that I want to continue to explore AND share!
I’m continuing the journey with the Double Asterisk podcast and blog.

This was such a stellar assignment. It felt wonderful to walk within the circle of all the people working hard at The Current.
It was an honor to join the ranks of Martin, Al, Sophia, and Reina.
The chance to not only play, but talk about all the songs that make my world go round.
I hope they made your spins around the sun slightly better too.
I would welcome any opportunity like this again!
And can’t wait to tune in on the Fridays to come and ride shotgun for the next round of musical adventures.

Stay amazing –

Listen to Gabriel Douglas’s final shift as Local Current DJ in residence on Friday, Sept. 25, from noon to 6:00 p.m. on our Minnesota music stream. Tune in next month to hear local music curated and hosted by our next DJ in residence: Jennie Lawless of Warehouse Eyes. Local Current’s DJ in residence program is made possible in part by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.