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Gary Louris and Django Haskins team up for new band Au Pair

Gary Louris (left) and Django Haskins. Photo courtesy Au Pair.

Gary Louris, best known for his work with the Jayhawks, has a new project. The newly formed band, Au Pair, is an unlikely collaboration between Louris and Django Haskins from Old Ceremony. The pair met in Chicago in 2013 while playing as a part of a tribute concert to Big Star’s Third.

Au Pair’s first single, “In Every Window,” was released on Sept. 24. The song is an upbeat ballad with an ironic twist in lyrics. The single is part of their debut album, One-Armed Candy Bear, which is due out on Nov. 13. The album is also available for pre-order via a PledgeMusic campaign that also includes bonuses, at certain contribution levels, such as Skype bedtime stories and private house shows.

According to a press release, “the core of the album consists of the duo singing and playing into a single microphone like a Memphis Sun session. But then they take some strange turns: body percussion, feedback loops, avant guitar, Kraut rock touches, anything goes in the world of Au Pair.” The album was recorded in Durham, North Carolina, with producer Brian Haran.

The duo will play their first official show on Nov. 21, at the Morgan-Wixson Theater in Santa Monica, California. No other shows for Au Pair as a duo have yet been scheduled. In the meantime, Louris tells us that he’s currently in Portland making a new Jayhawks record, working with Tucker Martine and Peter Buck. “It couldn’t be better!”

Christina Ayodele is a student at the College of Saint Benedict. Follow her on Twitter at @xtinaayo

  • PRock

    The show is November 21st at the Morgan-WIxson. Please correct. Thanks!

    • Whoops! Fixed. Thanks for the heads-up.

      • PRock

        Nice. This is #5 in a series of five for the Autism Think Tank- Iain Matthews and Christine Collister are also on the A Pair bill.

        We did Rain Parade/Baby Lemonade/Nelson Bragg in August, and the Continental Drifters in September, We have Chris Stamey and Skylar Gudasz in October, Jody Stephens new band Those Pretty Wrongs and Dan Wilson on November 7th….


        Paul Rock
        Wild Honey Foundation