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Let It Be Records founder Ryan Cameron launching new interview series at his ‘It Records’ space

Artwork by Josh Journey-Heinz

Ryan Cameron, who was the driving force behind the beloved downtown Minneapolis record store Let It Be, has been quietly building up a vinyl inventory in the back room of the trendy mid-century modern store Find Furnish in Northeast Minneapolis. Known simply as It Records (a nod to the “It” portion of his old “Let It Be” sign, which he lost ownership of after the store closed and oddly morphed into a piece of corporate art at Target’s downtown headquarters), Cameron hopes that the new shop will be a way to move records and connect with fellow audiophiles.

With that spirit of connectivity in mind, Cameron is launching a new series at the store called “Informative & Informal—The It Records Interviews.” He’ll host each interview with a rotating cast of Twin Cities media personalities (myself included), and is inviting some high-profile and highly influential players to sit for the first round of conversations.

The interview series kicks off tonight with First Avenue’s general manager Nate Kranz and talent buyer Sonia Grover, and will also feature conversations with Babes in Toyland drummer Lori Barbero, Amphetamine Reptiles label founder Tom Hazelmyer, and revered music photographer Daniel Corrigan.

As the name suggests, the series will indeed be informative, informal, and free to the public. Events begin at 6 p.m. each night, with the interview taking place from 7:30-9:00 p.m.

Tuesday, September 15th

Interview Guests: Nate Kranz & Sonia Grover, First Avenue
Co-interviewer: Reed Fischer, Go 96.3

Tuesday, October 13th

Interview Guest: Lori Barbero, Babes In Toyland
Co-Interviewer: Danny Sigelman, DJ/writer/Dakota Jazz Club

Tuesday, November 17th

Interview Guest: Tom Hazelmyer, Amphetamine Reptile/HAZE XXL
Co-Interviewer: Andrea Swensson, The Current

Tuesday, December 15th

Interview Guest: Dan Corrigan, First Avenue staff photographer
Co-Interviewer: Brian Oake, Cities 97