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The Local Show’s Back to School playlist

Bruise Violet perform in The Current's studios. Photo by Nate Ryan/MPR.

After putting out a call to all local high school bands to share their best work with us, The Current’s local team received an overwhelming number of quality music submissions from young musicians across Minnesota.

The Local Show helped kick off a new school year with a special Back to School episode last night and highlighted a few of these songs, but we couldn’t bear to limit the awesomeness to a mere two hours. So, we’re extending the scholastic fun by broadcasting each and every Back to School submission on our all-Minnesota music stream, Local Current!

We’ll rebroadcast the Back to School episode of The Local Show on Local Current starting at noon on Monday, Sept. 14 and also at noon on Saturday, Sept. 19th. Starting at 2 p.m. on these days, we’ll play all of the submissions that we couldn’t quite fit into The Local Show, in alphabetical order (by band).

The Local Show’s Back to School playlist

Colin Campbell and the C-Notes, “Mask”
Henry James Patterson, “Tigerstripe”
Mountain Opera, “Chairlift Ghosts”
no namE, “Sleep”
Dizzy Fae, “Color Me Bad”
Lieder WoO, “ Zizek”
Vansire, “Bridges for the Young”
The Deadline, “Lace”
Free Sittings, “Human Tissue Reactants
ZenRed, “Say Goodbye”
Downstairs Attic, “Feelin”
Pseudoubt, “Opaque”
Highcroft, “Inundated”
Canned Bologna, “Cool Breeze”
Jonathan Fuller, “The Sun Dragon”
Want Slash Need, “Her”
Last Import, “The Same Place”
McGurk Effect, “Hey Phil”
Underhill, “Into the Sea”
Hallucitania, “Fat Cats”
Bruise Violet, in-studio session
Maddy Siiter, The Lucky Ones
The 10:29’s, “Wanderer”
Kenta Yamamoto, “Personas”
Gabby Z, “All For the Show”
Q-pup, “Medusiac”
ST3R30TYP3 and Murph Myres, “Work”

Local Current’s Back to School playlist

Bivo, “Bollocks:
Crosswalk, “Play With Fire”
Dystonia, “Velvet”
Escaping Evolution, “To The End”
Ezekiel, “Birth”
Little Cemetery, “I’m Afraid”
Lydia Sophia, “Black Hole”
Parks and Wreck, “Giraffe Kingdom”
Platypus, “Friend or Faux”
Remo Drive, “Perfume”
Standard Protocol, “San Francisco”
The Loose Ends, “House”
The New Abnormal, “Groovy”
Traz Alca, “U R 2 Sensitive”
Voltage, “You’ll Set Me Free”