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Today’s Music News: Disclosure and Lorde release dramatic ‘Magnets’ video

Lorde appears as a guest vocalist on the new Disclosure single “Magnets.” A new video for the song is basically one long makeout session starring the New Zealand sensation—with a dramatic twist ending. (Rolling Stone)

When EDM artist Oscar Powell e-mailed Steve Albini to ask the famous producer’s permission to use a vocal sample from Albini’s tenure with the band Big Black, Albini responded with an e-mail granting permission—but also ranting about how much he hates dance music. Powell, seemingly with Albini’s blessing, turned the e-mail into a London billboard promoting his new music. (Pitchfork)

Ricked Wicky is a band featuring Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices. In a new video for the Ricked Wicky single “Poor Substitute,” Pollard is impersonated by actors Rob Cordrry (Hot Tub Time Machine), Nate Corddry (The Invention of Lying), Matt Jones (Breaking Bad), and Seth Morris (Step Brothers). (Pitchfork)

The Who have announced rescheduled tour dates after postponing their fall tour due to Roger Daltrey‘s viral meningitis. The Target Center show originally scheduled for Oct. 10 will now take place on May 1. (Local Current)

In an Interview interviewCorin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney) interviews Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES). Among the topics of discussion: the new CHVRCHES album, online misogyny, and Mayberry’s favorite authors.

Garth Brooks says he lost six months’ worth of progress on his next album when his cell phone was damaged. “Here’s where the old guy gets into technology, which is bad,” Brooks told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I can’t get the phone to come back up…it’s like losing your briefcase back in the Nineties!” Which makes you wonder…did the Chris Gaines album really live in a briefcase for six months?

Billy Joel made a wisecrack about his most famous ex’s current love life during a show at Madison Square Garden. After singing “The Longest Time,” a song written for Christie Brinkley, Joel added, “And now she’s dating John Mellencamp!” (Us Weekly)

Lucius and Elle King are among the female artists who cover songs by Bleachers on a new song-for-song cover of Bleachers’ debut album Strange Desire. The new cover album, called Terrible Thrills, Vol. 2, is a successor to the first Terrible Thrills album—which featured female artists covering songs from the self-titled album by Bleachers leader Jack Antonoff‘s former band Steel Train. (Rolling Stone)

Katy Perry handled it with aplomb when a young fan invited onstage with her during a performance in Rio turned out to be, as Billboard tactfully puts it, “toasted.”

Mariah Carey is releasing a special holiday lipstick. The sparkly champagne-colored MAC lipstick will be called, of course, “All I Want.” (Billboard)