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Today’s Music News: Keith Richards confirms the Rolling Stones will make a new album

"A Bigger Bang" (2005) is the Rolling Stones' most recent studio album.

Keith Richards says the Rolling Stones recently held a group meeting and made “definite plans” to record a new album—though the specifics of where and when are yet to be determined. Which just makes you wonder: what else is on the agenda when the Rolling Stones have group meetings? (Rolling Stone)

A psychedelic Porsche formerly owned by Janis Joplin will be sold at auction on Dec. 10. The ’65 Porsche 356C Cabriolet, which is still owned by the Joplin family, has been on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the past two decades and is expected to fetch more than $400,000 at auction. (Billboard)

Microsoft has announced that it will terminate its Zune Music Service on Nov. 15. The Zune was launched in 2006 as a competitor to the iPod; Microsoft stopped producing the players in 2011, but has continued to operate a streaming music service for the remaining Zune users. (Billboard)

Thom Yorke composed a new song to soundtrack a showcase at New York Fashion Week. “Villain,” featuring backing vocals from the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, premiered this week at the Rag & Bone runway show—with the chorus performing live behind a curtain. (Billboard)

The Dead Weather performed a new song, “Mile Markers,” on the second installment of a four-part instrument instruction video series. The band’s new album Dodge & Burn will be released Sept. 25. (Pitchfork)

Heart Like a Hand Grenade, a long-shelved documentary about the making of Green Day‘s American Idiot, will be released in theaters on Oct. 15. The film has been screened only once, in 2009. (Billboard)

Chrissie Hynde continues to be asked about her controversial comments that many thought blamed rape victims for “enticing” attackers by dressing immodestly. In a new interview with ABC News, Hynde said that she was speaking only about her own situation; as a young woman, she was sexually assaulted by a man in a biker gang. Still, Hynde said, “I think women who dress provocatively are asking for something. They’re asking for some sort of ‘Why do you dress provocatively?'” (Billboard)

Lionel Richie is the latest star to announce a Las Vegas residency. Starting in April, the hallowed hitmaker will begin a series of performances at Planet Hollywood’s venue The Axis. (Billboard)

A federal judge has ruled against Rick Ross in a lawsuit the rapper filed against LMFAO, who Ross claims infringed on his copyright by using the phrase “everyday I’m shufflin'” in their hit “Party Rock Anthem” and then putting the phrase on merchandise. The phrase “everyday I’m hustlin'” appears in Ross’s song “Hustlin’,” but Judge Kathleen Williams said that using the three-word phrase for merchandise didn’t constitute infringement—and observed that anyway, Ross wasn’t the first person to use the phrase. With the merchandise claim rejected, the lawsuit will now continue with a focus exclusively on the songs themselves. (Billboard)

In a new video, YouTube star Andie Case performs a mashup of Taylor Swift with—Bob Dylan. (Billboard)

Phish have announced a four-night stand at Madison Square Garden over New Year’s Eve. The jam band are booked for four straight nights starting Dec. 30, at the arena they’ve already played 31 times. (Rolling Stone)

Ariana Grande is pretty good at musical impressions, as she demonstrated on The Tonight Show by singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” as Britney Spears, “The Wheels on the Bus” as Christina Aguilera, and “Can’t Feel My Face,” as Dion. (Billboard)