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Aw Jeez! MPR launches new ‘Fargo’ podcast

Kirsten Dunst in "Fargo"
  1. Listen Jay Gabler talks about ‘Aw Jeez’ with Jill and Sean

Last year, FX debuted Fargo: a TV series inspired by the Coen Brothers’ 1996 movie. The show was a hit, and a second season has just begun. To help shed light on this fast-moving and fascinating crime series set in Minnesota, MPR News has launched a weekly podcast called “Aw Jeez.” In each episode, Tracy Mumford (of The Thread) and I recap the TV show’s most recent shocking events, speculate on what’s to come, and interview an expert who can help put things in perspective.

This season of Fargo is set in 1979. It’s the post-Vietnam era and the twilight of the Carter Administration, and if it’s true that America is beset with malaise, that malaise is about to get much worse in Luverne, Minnesota, where a botched attempt at judicial intimidation by a small-time crook leads to a triple homicide at a Waffle Hut. As Ted Danson, who plays a local cop, puts it, “Well, this is a deal.”

Click above to hear my conversation about the podcast with Jill Riley and Sean McPherson on The Current’s Morning Show. You can hear every episode of the podcast here, and you can also subscribe on iTunes. Follow @AwJeezPodcast on Twitter, too: we’re live-tweeting every episode. Okay den? Okay den!