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Friday Five: New videos from Doomtree, Fury Things, Devata Daun and more

It’s Friday! It’s fall! Pumpkin Spice Lattes for everyone!


With their inaugural Doomtree Zoo coming up tomorrow—a Blowout-style full crew throwdown at CHS Field that will also feature acts like Aesop Rock, Open Mic Eagle, and Aby Wolf—Doomtree dropped their latest in a long string of videos from their most recent album, All Hands. The flickering, ominous video was directed by P.O.S. and shot and edited by his Marijuana Deathsquads cohort Isaac Gale.

Fury Things

At long last, Bob Mould’s favorite local rock band Fury Things are getting ready to release their debut full-length. VHS is due out December 4, and in the meantime Fury Things have released a video for lead single “Honest” and are getting ready to play Icehouse tonight alongside Self-Evident.

Devata Daun

Speaking of new albums on the horizon, Nikki Pfeifer is getting ready to release her first full-length, Look, under the name Devata Daun, which was a collaboration with c.Kostra (a.k.a. Ryan Olcott of 12 Rods and Mystery Palace). As we await the album release date, Pfeifer sent over this mesmerizing video for the single “Fascinate.”

Dan Dresser

There is something really delightful about this new video from the Pied Piper of Duluth, Dan Dresser. Did you know there were mermaids in Lake Superior? Now you do.

Niki Becker

In case you were about to sleep on Niki Becker’s electrified album, Reactor, she’s here with a “Reminder” (ugh, sorry) that this is some of her strongest work to date. Check out more of the record here.