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Golden Valley baby stars on the cover of new album by The Darkness

The original photo of Danielle, left; and the image as it appears on the 'Last of Our Kind' album cover

When theatrical British rock band The Darkness come to the Varsity Theater tomorrow night, the audience will include the parents of the local baby who stars on the cover of the band’s new album, Last of Our Kind.

“My husband, John, is a HUGE fan of The Darkness,” writes Colee Bean, an MPR member who lives with her family in Golden Valley. “He placed an order for merch from their website, and as a freebie got these cool wrap-around glasses.”

John put the glasses on the couple’s daughter Danielle, who was then a baby, and took a photo of her wearing the glasses in her car seat. “A year or two later,” writes Colee, “he posted it to The Darkness fan page, and another year or so later, he was contacted by their PR rep to get permission to use an artist’s redesign of it on their latest album cover.”

The couple enthusiastically agreed, and little Danielle now appears on the cover of Last of Our Kind, as re-envisioned by artist Nick Roche. On his blog, Roche writes that the album cover “was the product of very strict guidelines and directions from the band themselves.”

Roche also provided the artwork that was animated for the band’s “Barbarian” video.

Colee and John will be in attendance tomorrow night—and needless to say, they’re heading straight for the merch table. “We’re hoping to get a cool concert poster and shirt with our little Danielle!”