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Local Current to go all-Prince as soon as it snows 1″

We're pulling the Prince lever!

Some Minnesotans dread the coming of the fall’s first snow, and others look forward to it with excited anticipation. We’ve chosen the latter route. In fact, the first time it snows, we’re going to have a party: a Prince party.

When MPR News weather guru Paul Huttner officially certifies that one inch of snow has accumulated in Chanhassen, Minnesota—home of Prince’s Paisley Park studio—we’re going to pull the Prince lever and start an all-out Prince marathon on our Local Current stream of Minnesota music. The hits, the B-sides, the album tracks…we’re just going to play a steady stream of Prince to welcome winter, Purple-style.

Update 12/1: We pulled the lever!


Cue up the Local Current stream (which you can find on our website and on the free MPR Radio app for iPhones and Androids) and start watching the skies. To be alerted via e-mail as soon as we’re ready to go purple, sign up for our Purple Alert.

When it rains, it pours—but when it snows, it gets super funky.