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Today’s Music News: Hozier threatens litigation after Feist collaborator alleges plagiarism

courtesy Hozier

Hozier has been sparring with singer-songwriter Chilly Gonzales, who pointed out similarities between Hozier’s 2013 hit “Take Me to Church” and the 2011 song “How Come You Never Go There” by Feist—a single that Gonzales played piano on. Hozier threatened to sue Gonzales for implying that he plagiarized the song; Gonzales apologized, and Hozier now says “there are no hard feelings on my part.” (Rolling Stone)

Will Smith says that he’s working on a new album, and that he expects to tour next summer. If he did tour, the rapper told Zane Lowe on Beats 1, he would bring his longtime musical partner—so yes, that means DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince could be coming to your town next summer. (Rolling Stone)

Patti Smith has just published a new memoir, and she says she’s working on more new material for your Patti Smith bookshelf: another memoir, a YA novel, a detective novel, and a book of poetry. (Pitchfork)

Björk announced that she’s releasing a new “acoustic version” of her album Vulnicura that will feature only strings and her voice. Vulnicura Strings (Vulnicura: The Acoustic Version) will be out digitally on Nov. 6, with vinyl coming out on Dec. 4. To preview the new album, she’s released the acoustic remake of her “Lionsong.” (Pitchfork)

The “Big Pimpin” lawsuit has been in progress for eight years, and it looks like it’s going to go on for longer: Jay Z has asked that the trial, which is scheduled to begin on Oct. 13, be delayed until plaintiff Osama Ahmed Fahmy is well enough to attend the trial in person. Fahmy’s uncle, Baligh Hamdi, recorded the Egyptian track that’s sampled in Jay Z’s “Big Pimpin.” Jay Z’s legal team says that they’d like Fahmy to be available for cross-examination, but Fahmy is having health issues that currently prevent him from flying to the U.S. to be present at the trial. (Billboard)

Lily Allen has released two new songs she’s recorded for the soundtrack of Pan, an upcoming movie based on the story of Peter Pan. “Something’s Not Right” and “Little Soldier” were both written and produced by Tim Rice-Oxley of Keane. (Billboard) The pairing isn’t a coincidence: in 2013, Allen’s cover of Keane’s song “Somewhere Only We Know” hit #1 on the U.K. singles chart.

Kendrick Lamar has announced an eight-city, eight-night tour called “Kunta’s Groove Sessions.” He says it will be the first in an annual tour series. There are just a few little details he hasn’t revealed yet: specifically, the cities and the dates. (Pitchfork)

Next month’s release in Third Man Records’ Vault series will be a White Stripes live show recorded in 1999, packaged with a Dead Weather single. Pitchfork has the set list for the White Stripes show, recorded at Detroit’s Gold Dollar bar.

A five-page letter handwritten in prison by Tupac Shakur in 1995 is being offered for sale. The price: $225,000. (Rolling Stone)

For the first time in his career, Don Henley has a chart-topping solo album. The twist: the chart he’s topping with Cass County is the country chart. (Rolling Stone)

In a new episode of Pitchfork’s video series Over/Under, Father John Misty and his wife Emma share their views on everything from flying first class to Red Hot Chili Peppers (“they’re misunderstood”).