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Friday Five: Gramma’s Boyfriend, Dizzy Fae, Blinds, and more new Minnesota music videos

Happy Friday! Here’s a look at what’s shaking on the visual side of the Minnesota music scene this week, with a look at some of the best new videos and projects to pop up on the internet over the past few days.

Gramma’s Boyfriend light up

With their excellent full-length, Perm, out now, Gramma’s Boyfriend have proven that they are more than some throwaway little side project — these songs are complex, sprawling new wave-inspired pop masterpieces. Their new video for “Forget the Stones” takes the Beach House-meets-Joy Division vibe of the track to a whole new level. Watch out for cameos from St. Paul artist Mayda (a recent guest on my O.K. Show podcast) and man-about-town Raymond Albright.

Dizzy Fae

I can’t get enough of this single and video from 17-year-old St. Paul artist Dizzy Fae. I’ve found myself returning to it again and again over the past couple of weeks, drawn in by her distinctive style and mesmerizing voice. It’s been in such heavy rotation that I could have sworn I already shared it in the Friday Five, but it turns out I hadn’t — in any case, here she is now. Catch Dizzy live at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall on Friday, January 8.

Blinds unleash their animal side

I’ve long been a fan of Case Shannon, who was lead singer of the short-lived but fiery rock band the Set. He’s back in action in a new project called Blinds that also features Garrison Grouse of Black Diet on bass and Malcolm Brown on drums, and I can’t recommend their debut EP highly enough. Check out the full thing here.

Tommy Nobles pays tribute to the Red Starbucks Cup

If you have an internet connection and a pair of eyeballs, you may have noticed that pretty much everyone seems to have an opinion about Starbucks’ new cups for some reason. Tommy Nobles sends up the “controversy” in style.

Greycoats return to the glass house

You may remember a Greycoats video from a few weeks back that featured a cool mid-century modern glass house in Western Wisconsin that was designed by Ralph Rapson. In this new video from the Spaces series, we get an even closer look at the band playing in that unique building — not to mention a pretty compelling sampler of Greycoats’ new album, which shows the bands making strides in both their compositions and their electro-leaning rock sound.