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Today’s Music News: Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield release new song, ‘1/2 2 P,’ as the I Don’t Cares

Left: Juliana Hatfield at the Turf Club this spring (Bridget Bennett for MPR); right: Paul Westerberg at Midway Stadium last year (Nate Ryan/MPR)

The Replacements‘ Paul Westerberg has teamed up with rocker Juliana Hatfield to form a new band they’re calling the I Don’t Cares. Not much more information is available as of yet, but their album Wild Stab is set to be released next year, and they’ve released a single: “1/2 2 P.” (Consequence of Sound)

A spokesperson for The Voice UK says that when, during a recent taping of the show, Boy George said he’d slept with Prince, it was just a joke about having Prince posters on his wall. “He was never being serious.” (Billboard)

At the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Halloween party, LeBron James dressed as PurpleRain-era Prince, and even sang “Purple Rain.” (Complex)

Meanwhile, Tool dressed as Led Zeppelin for Halloween, and covered “No Quarter.” (Rolling Stone)

Janet Jackson performed at Target Center on Sunday night, and in honor of the occasion, Mayor Betsy Hodges—joined onstage by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis declared it Janet Jackson Day in the City of Minneapolis. (Local Current)

On Friday night, 27 people were killed when a fire broke out at a Bucharest nightclub during a heavy metal concert. Among the dead are, reportedly, two members of Goodbye to Gravity, a Romanian band that was playing when the tragedy occurred. The band’s pyrotechnics ignited foam insulation on two columns, and the fire quickly spread to the club’s ceiling. (Rolling Stone)

Jerry Heller is suing several parties involved in the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton over his negative portrayal in the film. Heller, who managed the band during their rise to stardom, has sued for all box office profits from the film, which has grossed almost $200 million—making it the most financially successful music biopic ever released. (Rolling Stone)

Amazon is making a big push in the vinyl marketplace, redesigning its online record store and presenting a series of giveaways. It’s now the biggest seller of vinyl in the U.S., and independent brick-and-mortar record stores are getting nervous. Indie labels have donated product to a giveaway organized by L.A.’s Origami Vinyl to counter the Amazon offers. “The heart and soul of what we all do and what record stores are important for is we are all community centers,” said store owner Neil Scheid. (Billboard)

Fleetwood Mac have announced a deluxe reissue of their 1979 album Tusk. The five-CD, two-LP, one-DVD set will include several takes of each of two key tracks: “I Know I’m Not Wrong” and the title track, which featured the USC Marching Band in its final studio version. (Rolling Stone)

The New York Mets won game three of the World Series on their home turf Friday night, and Billy Joel was there to participate in fans’ ritual “Piano Man” singalong. (Rolling Stone)