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Welcome Mark Mallman: Our November/December Local Current DJ in Residence

Nate Ryan/MPR

For the past few months, The Current has been inviting local musicians to take over our all-Minnesota music stream to talk about the local music scene and to share tracks from other local artists. The roster for Local Current’s DJ in Residence has included local mainstays such as Gabriel Douglas, Reina del Cid, Sophia Eris, Al Church, Martin Devaney, and Jennie Lawless…and now, it’s time to announce the latest addition! In November and December, we will be handing the mic over to Mark Mallman: composer, pianist, and experimental rocker extraordinaire.

With 15 years of touring under his belt, Mallman’s music/art experiments and retro style have rocked the airwaves of countless radio and media outlets from MTV to USA Today. He’s been characterized as a “piano madman,” but you could also call him a mad genius for staging four of his “Marathon” events over the years—including the world’s first transcontinental, nonstop musical webcast, which was performed at the Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art as well as the Joslyn Modern Art Museum (Omaha, Nebraska) on its eight-day trek across North America. Mallman has released seven studio albums as well as a live album recorded at First Avenue.

“I’m honored to DJ the music of my friends and peers on Local Current over the coming weeks,” says Mallman of his next creative endeavor. “It might be impossible to play all the great local bands and artists I’ve had the joy of seeing or playing with over my career in the Twin Cities, but I’m gonna try. I’m excited to fit in as many as I can, and probably dust off some stories of years gone by as well!”

Due to the holidays, this edition of Local Current’s DJ in Residence will span two months. Spend your Friday afternoons in November and December with Mark Mallman. He’ll delve into the music made, played, and enjoyed in Minnesota: every Friday from noon until 6:00 p.m. on Local Current.

Local Current’s DJ in Residence project is supported by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.