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December 11, 2015

After 24 years at the Uptown VFW, the Record Show finds a new home

If it seems like the Record Show that’s held at the Uptown VFW has been happening forever, that’s because it’s been hosted there every other month like clockwork for the past 24 years. And now, after almost a quarter century of riding the roller coaster of vinyl’s popularity down to its lowest point and back up […]

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Watch Lizzo perform ‘Ain’t I’ on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Last night, Lizzo appeared with her full band, dancers, and (!) video screen to perform “Ain’t I,” a track from her new album Big GRRRL Small World. The album is out today, and Lizzo appears at First Avenue tonight with GRRRL PRTY. Andrea Swensson recently talked with Lizzo about what’s turned into a remarkable journey — musically […]

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