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December 14, 2015

Today’s Music News: Bob Dylan buys new Christmas lights

The Christmas lights on the hedge surrounding Bob Dylan‘s house in Malibu have been documented since 2008 — and analyzed, in increasingly absurd detail — by his neighbor, writer Merrill Markoe. This year, Markoe reports that after several years of using the same “weather-worn” lights, Dylan has celebrated this year’s holiday season with a brand-new set of Christmas […]

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Soundtrack your holidays with Minnesota music

Happy holidays! ‘Tis the season for festive tunes, from silly to serious. Once again this year, we’ll be celebrating Minnesota-made holiday music with special programming on our Local Current stream. Tune in our Local Current stream of Minnesota music on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Andrea and I will co-host a jumbo-sized six-hour selection of holiday music […]

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Duluth’s musical all-stars to play Don Ness goodbye concert

Duluth mayor Don Ness has been called “the most popular mayor in America” (or “the Hipster King of the Zenith City”) — and with good reason, as his approval ratings among his constituents are sky-high. Still, Ness has decided to step away from City Hall to pursue other projects. His last day in office will […]

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