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Friday Five: Alpha Consumer, Deleter, Rogue Valley, and more new Minnesota music videos

Deleter release a new album at the Triple Rock tonight (Publicity photo)

Happy Friday! It’s a jam-packed weekend of release shows and celebrations here in the Twin Cities, and our event calendar is overflowing with options for you. To get you caught up on all the latest happenings in the Minnesota music scene, have a look at some of the videos that were released this week:

Alpha Consumer

This week’s Friday Five kicks off with the premiere of a new short film by Minneapolis filmmaker and Alpha Consumer fan Doug Talalla, who had this to say about his new work:

“first we had a big wooden whale. nope.
then talk of a children’s book kind of thing. nope.
how about a contraption housed in a 55 gallon drum on a desert island??
that’ll do just fine, thank you.”


Deleter have mastered the art of precision on their new album, Oblique Seasons. Take the title track here, for example — at only two minutes and 12 seconds, this exposition in sharp, metallic post-punk somersaults through the air and sticks the landing before you’ve even had a chance to settle into the rhythms that churn underneath. Give us more, Deleter, give us more. They celebrate the release of their new album tonight at the Triple Rock with Murder Shoes, Ripper, and Cherry Cola.


Here’s a happy little surprise that showed up in my inbox this week. TABAH is a new project led by Cecelia Erholtz, and they just put out their debut EP earlier this year. This Basement Secording — literally filmed in Cecilia’s basement — also features a guest appearance by tenor saxophonist Cole Pulice.

Rogue Valley

In case you were wondering — yes, yes Iceland is just as surreal and beautiful as you’ve always imagined it to be. This gorgeous little video from Rogue Valley takes us along for the ride as they perform at the Iceland Airwaves Festival and check out the scenery.


Probably don’t watch this one at work. It wasn’t quite as racy as I expected, though! And I dig it when dude sings like this. Prof is one of the many artists playing the Rhymesayers 20 bash tonight at the Target Center; tickets are still available.