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It snowed at Paisley Park! Local Current is now all-Prince

Photoillustration by Brett Baldwin/MPR

Update: Thank you for listening to our 2015 Prince A-to-Z marathon. Follow all of our ongoing Prince coverage here.

It’s that moment you’ve been waiting for: we’ve pulled the purple lever! MPR News weather guru Paul Huttner has officially certified that one inch of snow has accumulated in Chanhassen, Minn. — home of Prince’s famous Paisley Park studio — and as planned, we’re celebrating by going all-Prince on our Local Current stream of Minnesota music.

Tune in on our Local Current stream (which you can find on our website and on the free MPR Radio app for iPhones and Androids) for the next 24+ hours as we play a wide variety of tracks spanning Prince’s career. Jim McGuinn and The Current staff will be your guides for a nonstop Prince parade of hits, b-sides, album tracks, live recordings, and rarities. Celebrate the snow by tuning in now!

Update 12/2: Our initial plans to repeat the Prince marathon have changed, but we have plenty more Prince-related plans in the works for the future! Thanks for rocking with us, and sorry for any disappointment.

To stay abreast of all the latest Prince news, sign up for our Purple Alert.

  • Please tell me you didn’t skip The Ballad of Dorothy Parker . . .

    • Jim McGuinn

      We will have a special hour or so devoted to all “THE” songs… we didn’t alpha around the articles… stay tuned!

  • kevin

    Getting precious LITTLE done today. Thank you for this. Kevin in the MileHI via Maplewood and Eden Prairie home turf!
    Looking forward to Pink Cashmere.

  • Angie

    Everyone at work who enters my office must listen to at least one song before they can leave. I’ve had it on all day. Just need to figure out how to not miss any of it.

  • I’ve been loving hearing the songs from “For You.” I loved that album as a kid.

  • Helen Williamson

    I’m listening from Alice Springs in Central Australia – loving it!

  • dance

    greetings from europe.TY!

  • Teiawana Burton

    What do u mean “Under the Cherry Moon” was weird? I guess it takes a “True Purple Funk Soldier” to understand
    a Funky love story!

  • Danny G

    This is great, so many songs I forgot about and will be pulling from my Vault!

  • KarenT

    This is the best thing ever and it’s keeping me in a fantastic mood. THANK YOU! Can we do this every first snow of the year at Paisley?

    • April Cutshall


  • I wish you could’ve done Irresistible Bitch. But I understand.

  • I think Prince and I were on the Playlist putting 5 stars on the songs. I honestly just put 5 stars on my favorites, but someone was busy. :)

  • David The Pants

    This should definitely be an annual tradition. Great way to ring in winter.

    • I agree Mr. Pants!

      • April Cutshall

        I agree as well!!!

  • Gina Micle


  • Tracey Hudson-Foreman

    An eclectic playlist, deserving to be repeated please – what happens when the snow reaches the top of the boot heel? (UK) :-)

  • Elysia

    Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times. Please make this a new Minnesota tradition and do it every year. I had the best day and a half at work. While I do have all of my favorite Prince songs from every album loaded on my mp3 player, it’s actually really nice to listen to them in alphabetical order, including the ones I don’t listen to all the time, to really appreciate the musical diversity that the Purple One has to offer! And I got a couple ideas for new playlists as well. Thanks, Current!