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Listen to a new single from Claire de Lune and Grant Cutler’s tiny deaths

Claire de Lune of tiny deaths (Photo by Zoe Prinds-Flash)

Vocalist and songwriter Claire de Lune has undergone a remarkable transition since leaving the Chalice a few years back. She’s teamed up with the highly respected electro-pop producer Grant Cutler (Lookbook) to form tiny deaths, an enigmatic and evocative pop project that splashes around in the murky waters that surround Beach House and lounges just down the coastline from Lana Del Rey.

Her voice has gotten stronger, too, as she’s honed in on the power of her lower register. Listening to tiny deaths’ new single, “Ever,” you can hear how confident and comfortable she’s sounding these days, and how Cutler’s production amplifies the airy, breathy, cool side of her voice and contrasts it with darker, booming undertones.

I had the chance to talk to Claire recently about her progression and her evolution as both an artist and a human, and you can hear that conversation on the second season of The O.K. Show, which launches this week and runs through January. For now, check out “Ever” below, and get ready for the new tiny deaths EP in 2016.